Dissertation Workshop

Call for dissertation mentoring workshop proposals

Supported by the New Scholars Committee

Purpose of Workshop

The New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshop (NSDMW) is a unique opportunity for doctoral students (Ph.D. and Ed.D.) to discuss their dissertation research in small groups (4-6 people) of experienced scholars and peers with similar topical or methodological interests. Participants receive feedback on the design, data collection and/or analysis of their dissertation. Complementary luncheons after the workshops provide opportunities for all participants to meet and exchange ideas.

To participate in this workshop, you must apply in advance (see instructions below). You may apply to participate in the New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshop as well as make a submission to do a panel, paper, or poster presentation in the general conference.

Time/Format of Worshop

Doctoral students will be selected to participate in a New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshop session which will take place ONE full morning, either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during CIES. Each workshop group will have 4-6 students and 1-3 faculty or professional mentors.

NOTE: If you apply to participate in the New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshop as well as submit a proposal to present at the main CIES conference, please ask not to be scheduled for your presentation on Monday morning, Tuesday morning, or Wednesday morning of the conference because this is when the New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshops take place. This helps the dissertation workshop team assign you to the most appropriate group for your topic.

If you are selected to participate in the workshop:

  • You are required to submit a draft doctoral dissertation synopsis of no more than 2,500 words and three open-ended questions by Sunday, February 1, 2015—5 weeks before CIES. Your dissertation synopsis will be circulated to members of your assigned group. (The New Scholars committee members will assign you to a group based on your initial 750 word submission.
  • You will be required to read and provide comments on the synopses of 2-5 other students in your group, approximately three weeks prior to the CIES conference.
  • On the day of your Dissertation Mentoring Workshop session, you are required to participate for the entire morning. At your Dissertation Mentoring Workshop session you are required to provide an update about your work and be prepared to discuss the work of others in your group. There is no formal presentation as a part of the dissertation workshop mentoring sessions. You will be invited to a lunch following your session.

Workshop participants are also asked to attend at least one New Scholars Essentials workshop held each afternoon throughout the CIES conference.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

To apply for the workshop, you must be:

  • a student member of CIES, registered or planning to register for the CIES 2015 Conference;
  • a doctoral student between the dissertation proposal stage and mid writing stage (analysis, but not yet defended). Note: Due to high demand, the Dissertation Mentoring Workshop is limited to doctoral students (Ph.D. and Ed.D);
  • a doctoral student who has not previously participated in a New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshop;
  • committed to participate in all aspects of the Dissertation Mentoring Workshop. Students are required to read and engage substantively with other participants work both prior to and during the workshop.

All proposals should contribute to the advancement of theory, practice, methodology or fieldwork in comparative and international education. For more information about each proposal format, visit www.cies2015.org and click on the 2015 conference link.

CIES New Scholars Fellows: Proposal Criteria

750 word Proposal Abstract* that should include:

  • the name of the university you attend and your dissertation faculty advisor. Note: Please do not include your own name;
  • the objectives/purposes of the research;
  • the research question(s) the dissertation addresses;
  • a thesis statement concerning what the dissertation expects readers/audience to know, believe and/or understand;
  • the perspective(s), theoretical/conceptual framework, including connections to the literature or to previous experiences related to the dissertation;
  • the modes of inquiry, methods, and techniques used/planned to attain the objectives or purposes, and answer the main questions posed in the dissertation;
  • evidence to support conclusions (if this stage of your dissertation has been reached), with indications of how research will extend understanding of issue;
  • a statement as to whether you are in the dissertation proposal, data collection, data analysis, or beginning writing stage of your program. (You should be far enough into your dissertation process to benefit from mentor/peer feedback. You should not be near or at the dissertation defense stage.)

Your research must relate to comparative and international education (as described on the CIES Webpage.

*Please note the proposal abstract for the New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshop differs from CIES general proposals criteria.

Travel Grants

A limited number of New Scholar travel grants are available to students selected to participate in the New Scholars Dissertation Mentoring Workshop. After acceptance to the workshop, participants will be sent a survey regarding travel grants. All students who are selected to participate in the Workshop will be considered for the travel grant unless they have secured other funding. All participants, with or without a travel grant, will have the same opportunity to interact with other doctoral students and CIES faculty. Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, not all participants can receive travel grants.

There are three types of travel grants:

  • $250 travel grants awarded on the basis of merit (i.e. proposals with the highest review scores)
  • $500 travel grants awarded to students from under-represented institutions at CIES, based on financial need, and
  • $800 travel grants awarded to students from majority world contexts with substantial financial need.

Students can only be chosen for one type of travel grant; the default selection will be for the grant of the highest amount.

Proposal Submission

Early Bird Deadline: October 6, 2014

FINAL DEADLINE: December 8, 2014

The publication proposal is to be submitted through the New Scholars link once you sign in on the All Academic website.

Additional Conference Information

Regularly updated information on the 2015 CIES Annual Conference will be featured on the official website. If you have additional questions, please contact the organizers of the 2015 Dissertation Mentoring Workshop, at newscholarsdissertation@gmail.com. Note: This workshop is made possible by faculty and student member volunteers (unpaid). Financial support is provided by the CIES Secretariat.