Honorary Fellows Award

Invitation for Nominations for the CIES Honorary Fellows Award

The Honorary Fellows Award was established by the Comparative and International Education Society to honor senior members of the society who have distinguished themselves by the following:

1) their scholarship in the field;

2) their teaching/mentoring, and policy, administrative or technical activities in the field of comparative and international education; and

3) their significant contributions to the development of the CIES and the field by their active participation in its affairs and service to the Society.

Honorary Fellows should have a long and distinguished career spanning more than 30 years.

The CIES Awards Committee invites nominations for the Honorary Fellows Award to be considered in 2014, named in 2015, and awarded at the annual CIES meeting in 2016.Nomination of candidates must be supported by the following items:

1) A letter of nomination by the chief nominator outlining the case for the nomination, with input if desired by the other nominators, and signed by the chief nominator.

2) A minimum of five supporting letters from five current members of the CIES outlining the candidate’s strengths in each of the relevant areas. Additional letters from non-CIES members may be added at the discretion of the nominator.

3) A copy of the candidate’s full academic curriculum vitae for the entire career.

Submission Details

Nominations should be submitted by email attachment to the CIES Secretariat at secretariat@cies.us.

The nominator is requested to preserve a hard copy of the entire package with original signed letters to be sent to the CIES Archives after the nomination and decision process is completed. Advance notice may be given to the sub-committee of an impending nomination, and nominators are welcome to email to the Sub-committee Chair (ruth-hayhoe@sympatico.ca) for clarification of the process.

Hard Copies must be mailed to:

CIES Secretariat
19 Mantua Road
Mt. Royal, NJ 08061 USA

Submission Deadline:

Deadline for submission of nominations: November 1. 2014


Questions may be address to Honorary Fellows Sub-committee Chair, Ruth Hayhoe, e-mail: ruth-hayhoe@sympatico.ca

Honorary Fellows:

1987 Claude Eggersten
Arnold Anderson

Harold Noah
Philip Foster

Mary Jean Bowman
Andreas Kazamias
Gerald H. Read
Murray Thomas

Max A. Eckstein

Noel McGinn

Don Adams

Roland Paulston

Elizabeth Sherman Swing

Norma Tarrow

Mathew Zachariah

Robert Arnove

Joseph P. Farrell
William M. Rideout

Vandra Masemann

Martin Carnoy

John Hawkins

Ruth Hayhoe

Erwin Epstein

Val Rust

David Evans

Robert Lawson