President's Address:
"Leaning in on Education for All"

Karen Mundy

Prof. Karen Mundy, Global Partnership for Education

Wednesday, March 11, 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Washington Hilton, Concourse Level, International Ballroom Center

In this talk, Professor Mundy reviews the history of global efforts to achieve education for all and describes key challenges and current debates in the lead up to the third word conference on education for all in Incheon this year. She also discusses the long term contributions that Comparative Education has made to the EFA movement and her own experiences moving between the worlds of comparative education as scholarship and comparative education as practice.

Gita Steiner-Khamsi

Introduction: Prof. Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Teacher's College, Columbia University

Yi Hu

Performance: Prof. Yi Hu (Chinese Piano), Professional Arts Institute of Hubei, China
“Celebrating humankind’s peaceful and harmonious existence with beautiful nature 欢庆人类与美丽的大自然和谐相处"

CIES Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony — Wednesday, March 11, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. | International Ballroom Center. Immediately following the President's Address.

WELCOMING REMARKS Marianne Larsen, Awards Chairperson

JACKIE KIRK AWARD Honors a published book that reflects the varied areas of expertise represented in Jackie Kirk’s area of commitment — primarily gender and education and/or education in conflict (fragile states, post conflict, and peace education)
Recipient: Dana Burde, Columbia University
Book: Schools for Conflict or For Peace in Afghanistan. New York: Columbia University Press

HONORARY FELLOWS AWARD Established by CIES in 1982 to honor senior members of the Society who — through a period of lifelong service and contribution to the field of comparative and international education, as evidenced by scholarship, teaching and technical service — have advanced the field qualitatively and significantly
Recipient: Robert F. Lawson, Ohio State University

GAIL KELLY AWARD Honors an outstanding doctoral dissertation that addresses social justice and equity issues in an international context.
Dr. Michelle Bellino- Dissertation: “Memory in Transition: Historical Consciousness and Civic Attitudes Among Youth in “Postwar’ Guatemala.”
Nominated by: Dr. Sarah Dryden-Peterson
Honorable Mention:
Dr. joan.Osa Oviawe- Dissertation: “Appropriating Colonialism: Complexity and Chaos In the Making of a Nigeria-Centric Educational System”
Nominated by: Dr. Nancy Kendall

GEORGE BEREDAY AWARD Recognizes the most outstanding article published in the Comparative Education Review in the preceding calendar year; all published articles are reviewed for their importance in shaping the field, analytic merit, policy implications, concern for theoretical constructs, and implications for future research.
Recipient: Karen Mundy, OISE at the University of Toronto; Francine Menashy, University of Massachusetts Boston Publication Title: The World Bank and Private Provision of Schooling

JOYCE CAIN AWARD Proposed by the Under-represented Racial, Ethnic and Ability Groups Committee and approved by CIES’ Board of Directors in 2000, the Joyce Cain Award for Distinguished Research on African Descendants is awarded by the Comparative and International Education Society to honor the memory of Joyce Lynn Cain, a colleague and committed scholar of comparative education whose scholarship on African descendants reflected her dedication to introducing individuals across ethnic boundaries to African culture, particularly in Southern Africa. The award recognizes and honors excellence in scholarly articles that explore themes related to people of African descent. The award is presented to an outstanding article that demonstrates academic rigor, originality, and excellence, and contributes to a better understanding of the experiences of African descendants.
Edith Omwami for the article entitled “Intergenerational comparison of education attainment and implications for empowerment of women in rural Kenya,” published in Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 2014.
Ali Abdi for the article “Decolonizing Educational and Social Development Platforms in Africa” (2013), in African and Asian Studies, Vol. 12, pp. 64-82, 2013.
The 2015 Joyce Cain Award Committee’s special recognition for outstanding research contribution will be given to Juliet C. Perumal for the article “Pedagogy of Refuge: Education in a Time of Dispossession,” published in Race, Ethnicity and Education, 16(5), 673-695; and Kim Foulds for the articles “Buzzwords at Play: Gender, Education, and Political Participation in Kenya,” published in Gender and Education, 26(6), 2014.

Travel Grants / Other Awards

Welcoming Remarks — Marianne Larsen, Awards Chairperson

UREAG Travel Grants These awards are made available to members who have a proposal accepted for the CIES Conference. Award decisions are based on: merit of applicant's conference presentation, the nature of the applicant's participation in UREAG, impact and potential value to the philosophy and goals of UREAG, value for the development of the applicant's potential, the need for support.
Ghadah Al Murshidi, Anize Appel, Fabian Barrera-Pedamonte, Corinne Brion, Meghan Chidsey, Ozlem Erden, Brenda Hernandez, Derrika Hunt, Jeremy David Jimenez, Young-sik Kim, Naomi LeBeau, JeongMin Lee, Lu Li, Elizabeth Liu, Naureen Madhani, Upenyu Majee, Firth McEachern, Taryn Moore, Dwan Robinson, Danai Sakutukwa, Rashmi Sharma, Maurice Sikenyi, Mathangi Subramanian, Nurbek Teleshaliyev, Alex Theophilus, Baasanjav Tserendagva, Siddhi Vyas, Henry Wijaya, Cora Xu, Wangbei Ye, Lisa Yiu, Chelsea Zhang

New Scholar Awards
Dissertation Workshop
Renata Horvatek, Fang-Tzu Hsu, Robyn Read, Anne Campbell, Amy Pekol, Kara Kirby, Grace Pai, Amy Argenal, Maren Elfert, Ann Emerson, Eunjung Jin, Elisabeth E Lefebvre, Merethe Skårås, Amy Crompton, Anya Niazov, Juanjuan Zhao, Sahtiya Hosoda Hammell, Michael Russell, Ann Marie Frkovich, Jasmine Trang Ha, Katherine Summers, Khishigbayar Tsogbadrakh, Kelly Wiechart, Isabella Tirtowalujo, Rashmi Sharma
Newcomer Award: Thursica Kovinthan, Sugata Sumida, Wendan Li
Majority World Context Award: Otgonjargal Okhidoi, Sudipta Roy, Susan Allen Namalefe, Nelson Masanche Nkhoma
Publication Workshop
Kristina Brezicha, Yoonjeon Kim, Ana Solano-Campos, Janniina Elo, Martina Arnal, Susanne Ress, Nicolas Stahelin, Shuning Liu, Stephanie Kim, Grace Karram Stephenson
Newcomer Award: Young-sik Kim, Marika Matengu, Megan Cotnam-Kappel
Majority World Context Award: Salma Nazar Khan, Miriam Thangaraj

International Travel Awards Recognizes distinguished service in educational reform by international experts from developing countries; the award was established through an endowment from George Soros and the Open Society Institute to encourage distinguished researchers and practitioners from developing countries to participate in the CIES Conference.


  • Fang Fang (China), Beijing Normal University
  • Anjali Khirwadkar (India), The M.S. University of Baroda
  • Catherine Honeyman (Rwanda (she is American-born)), Ishya Consulting
  • Ghadah Al Murshidi (UAE), UAE University
  • Gulnara Zakirova (Kazakhstan) International Information Technology University
  • Shalva Tabatadze (Georgia), Centre for Civil Integration and Inter-Ethnic Relations
  • Baasanjav Tserendagva (Mongolia), University of the Humanities
  • Paula Louzano (Brazil), University of Sao Paulo

Carnegie Supported Travel Grants

  • Ahmed ElZorkani
  • Ajala Kolawole Sunday
  • Peter Onchuru Mokaya

LASIG Travel Grants
Travel Grants: Maria Paulina Arango and Amanda Renee Blewitt
Dissertation Award: Rebecca Tarlau

Travel Grant for Africa-based Scholars Supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York

  • Pai Obayan
  • Jasmine Matope
  • Jose Cossa
  • Mame Fatou Sene
  • Mbikyo Mulinga Damien
  • Lazare Sebitereko
  • Loise Gichuhi
  • Milka Nyariro
  • Gioko Anthony Maina
  • Rasheedat Adams-Ojugbele
  • Abebaw Yirga Adam
  • Adesoji Oni
  • Nurudeen Ajayi
  • Ahmed ElZorkani
  • Ajala Kolawole Sunday
  • Alemayehu Gebre
  • Ananias Iita
  • Peter Onchuru Mokaya

Travel Grant for India-based Scholars Supported by Tata-Cornell Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative

  • Jandhyala Tilak
  • P Duraisamy
  • Padmini Swaminathan
  • Manabi Majumdar